Comments from our “Family”

8 Responses to Comments from our “Family”

  1. Jen Vortriede says:

    It looks like it was a wonderful day. If I did not live on the west coast, I would be there with you supporting the day and your unity efforts in Ontario. May our Lord find One Body waiting to greet Him at His return!

  2. Rosemary Nisbet says:

    I really enjoyed seeing these pictures and listening to the presentations. May the Lord quickly come.

  3. John Ching says:

    With love in the Lord to all my brothers and sisters from Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada. God bless.

  4. Glenn Lea says:

    Thanks to the brethren who organized this, those who supported it, and most of all, who created this website so brethren like me across the big pond can share the Hope of Israel with my brothers and sisters. It was really moving listening to the interviews and speakers but most of all seeing the snippets of fellow believers really sharing the one hope together in unity. It is unlike anything I have seen before.

    From Germany with Love.

  5. Tammy Snow says:

    Thanks to the Brethren (and Sisters) for all the good works that led to and included this day… and thank you for sharing! God bless all!

  6. Ernest says:

    I and my family have enjoyed the fellowship and friendship of brothers and sisters of both groups over the last 24 years in 9 trips to Canada. I have tracked the progress for unity down through the years. The problems you have experienced I can relate to having been born into another fellowship where my father found the Truth in 1936.
    I know that with division goes a lack of trust. Brethren refusing even to meet to discuss. criticism of others they have never met. letters by the ton to and about others they know little or nothing of. The one and only way forward is to talk with an open Bible and not seek to trip up others about words. It is the scriptural thing to do to seek unity. When this is done preconceived ideas of others are often found wanting.
    The big problem with division in our community is the passage of time. Down through the decades succeeding generations add to what they have been told.
    Your meeting together recently is a great joy to me. It was the right thing to do, to talk together and share the problems we all have. May the Lord bless the work so that others will come to strengthen your resolve. Paul for the Hope of Israel was bound with a chain. Brethren and sisters, lets strengthen the chain because we may need it before the Lord comes. Yours by the Grace of, and the love of Jesus.

  7. Bryan & Joyce Pearse says:

    We were glad to have the opportunity of seeing pictures and hearing the comments of some of our Brethren and Sisters enjoying themselves in fellowship together.
    We would have liked to have shared in this event but were on vacation in the U.K. at the time. It is hoped that similar gatherings will occur again and look forward to being there God willing. May we all be found united at our Lord’s return.

  8. Marvellous that the opportunity is taken to unite and to share with each other the essentials of our Christadelphian belief. That this spirit of unity may cross many borders and bring brothers and sisters also to each other in other parts of the world.

    Always welcome to visit us in Belgium, European Union.

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